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We reinvented our image
to communicate better

Brand and Identity

Brand and Identity

Reinvention is the driving force of successful companies and is part of our DNA. It is not a coincidence that this mill, dating back to the 18th century, evolved and adapted itself to the passing of time.

That is why we proudly adopted the motto “Reinventing Paper Since 1755” as our brand signature, where reinvention is the cornerstone for our success. It naturally follows that we adopted it for paper tissue production– “Reinventing Papermaking” – and for our converting activity – “Reinventing Papercare ”. Three colours define Fapajal universe:

Lead grey of industrial plants, suggesting soundness and sophistication.

Logo Papermaking® Fapajal

Orange of fire and energy, reflecting strength and safety.

Blue of the sky and water, inspiring comfort, care, hygiene and purity.


Reinvention at the core

Defining reinvention as our core attribute means that we can anticipate trends and surprise you whilst remaining loyal to our heritage and values. We also guarantee full compliance with the most demanding environmental standards, with a view to the preservation of the forest and the balance of the ecosystems.

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